Sugarlean Fresh Fruit Chews 70g

Description FRESH FRUIT CHEWS DESCRIPTION: Individually Wrapped Flavour Filled Chewy Toffees. ETHICAL INFORMATION: **Excess consumption may have a laxative effect. **Not recommended for children under 3 years of age **Maltitol Syrup and Mannitol are not fully digestible. The energy values used (average) 20% less than indicated. This product is Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free This product is Palm Oil Free DI* Values are based on an average adult of 8700kj. Your daily intake may be higher or lower depending upon your energy needs. This product may contain traces of Milk Proteins, Peanuts & Treenuts Servings Per Packet: Approx 14 (70g) 5 (25g) Serving Size: Approx 5g Per 100g Per Serve 5g Energy 1319 kJ 66 kJ 317 kcal 16 kcal Protein 1.7 g 0.1 g FAT, Total 8.3 g 0.4 g – Saturated 7.9 g 0.4 g Carbohydrates 0 g 0 g – Sugars 0 g 0 g Polyols **(Maltitol, Mannitol Syrup) 86 g 4 g Dietary Fibre 0 g 0 g Sodium 92 mg 5 mg
36,30 (ZAR)

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